Philadelphia Top 25 Restaurants: November 2016

You'll be feeling the love in "The City of Brotherly Love" with our latest round of Philadelphia's Top 25 Restaurants. And there's a reason the No. 1 restaurant for November is the champion — it doesn't rest on its laurels, although its name may suggest otherwise. Laurel, a stylish, intimate restaurant that serves French and American fare, with Chef Nicholas Elmi at the helm, took the throne with a score of 177.99. Following close behind at 177.05 is Fond, complete with homemade bread and desserts, which we're sure guests are fond of. 

Jokes aside, the competition was fierce, but Vedge rose through the ranks. From its previous place at No. 14, it landed at No. 5, jumping nine spots on the board. Pretty impressive, especially for having only a strictly vegetarian menu. While one restaurant grew in popularity, an old favorite took a heavy drop. NOORD eetcafe, which sat comfortably at No. 9, is now barely hanging on at No. 20. That's not to discredit them, as being on the Top 25 is already an accomplishment, but will we see this hotspot make a comeback?

Speaking of comeback, let's welcome back three restaurants, who haven't appeared in our Top 25 since December 2015: Vernick Food & Drink, V Street, and Bibou. And it's looking like good things come in threes, because we have three newcomers who have made their debut to the Top 25. Congratulations to the modern and sophisticated Fork, the cozy and classic A Mano, and the hip and seafood-centric Wister BYOB!

Curious to see the rest of the countdown? Check out the full list below.

Salt Roasted Beets, Pomegranate, Black Walnut and Hibiscus #newmenuitems

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Goat cheese stuffed squash blossom with cherry tomatoes and pesto #summertime

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A brunch feast style. 📸 @corisuemorris

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Schiacciata. #grapeseason

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RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 Laurel 177.99  
2 Fond 177.05  
3  176.98  
4 Le Virtù 176.41  
5 Vedge 175.6  
6 Aldine 175.49 Play Video
7 Townsend 175.31  
8 Vernick Food & Drink 175.27  
9 Fork 175.12  
10 A Mano 175.03  
11 Wister 175.02  
12 Little Nonna's 174.55  
13 V Street 174.37  
14 South 174.31  
15 Bibou 174.13  
16 Fitler Dining Room 174.07  
17 Sbraga 173.64  
18 High Street on Market 173.59  
19 Abe Fisher 173.35  
20 Serpico 173.11  
21 Birchrunville 173.11  
22 NOORD eetcafe 172.99  
23 Pub & Kitchen 172.58  
24 Will BYOB 172.42  
25 Santucci's 172.05