New York City Top 25 Restaurants: April 2018

New York City Top 25 Restaurants: April 2018

Temperatures are finally starting to warm up again and we are all beginning to make our way out of our fleece blanket cocoons and back out into the concrete jungle. In anticipation of your spring and summer food adventures, Foodable Labs has churned out its latest ranking of the best restaurants in New York City!

With a little movement in the NYC Top 25, we have 5 restaurants BRAND NEW to the list.

At No. 1 we have newcomer Simon and the Whale, a beautiful neighborhood restaurant that draws its culinary inspiration from the American coasts. Nestled into the Freehand New York, the restaurant got its name from Owner Gabriel Stulman who was inspired by the whale-patterned gifts his son, Simon, had been receiving. Chef Matt Griffin created an American menu for the concept with several raw seafood starters, simple options like a fish sandwich with coleslaw, and more demanding dishes like the roast guinea hen. If you’re trying to kill two birds with one stone, Stulman also runs Studio upstairs at the Freehand, the No. 6 ranked restaurant on our list.

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New York City Top 25 Restaurants: November 2017

Welcome back! Ready to learn more about New York’s bustling dining scene? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Big Apple has many newcomers making a big splash and  presenting themselves as a fierce competition to the veterans of the Top 25 list.

With that being said, there are a dozen new restaurants that made the November list for 2017. That’s right— 12 new restaurants. Seven of those new restaurants have made it into the coveted top ten spots.

Foodable welcomes Ferris celebrating at the No. 1 spot of the list with a score of 188.03. This New American restaurant is located at the Flatiron’s new Made Hotel and it’s kitchen is led by Chef Greg Proechel. The menu features a balance of rustic and refined preparations highlighting Proechel’s favorite ingredients of each season.

At No. 2 we have The Aviary’s NYC outpost with a score of 186.99. Debuting in New York for the first time, The Aviary is located at the top floor of the Mandarin Oriental overlooking Central Park. This progressive restaurant/cocktail bar aims to provide an interactive journey for guests, boasting small food plates and inventive, thoughtful cocktails. Needless to say, it’s a unique experience.

In third place, we have Le Coucou, another first timer on the Top 25 list, with a score of 186.31. This restaurant is located at the corner of Lafayette and Howard Street and it is led by the Chicago-native and internationally acclaimed chef Daniel Rose of Spring and La Bourse et La Vie in Paris. At Le Coucou, a Stephen Starr restaurant, you will experience chef’s personal take on French cuisine.

Other newcomers to the Top 25 are: Empellón, located in Madison Avenue, at 186.27; Jeju Noodle Bar, from chef Douglas Kim who’s worked at places like Gordon Ramsay NYC, Nobu and Per Se, at 184.17; Nur, boasting modern Middle Eastern cuisine, at 183.68; Public Kitchen, from the people behind Jean-Georges’ restaurants at 183.64; Fairfax, an all-day neighborhood cafe and wine bar, at 182.02; Emily, from the folks behind Emmy Squared (Watch On Foodable Side Dish Episode, here), at 181.53; THE POOL, a seafood restaurant created by Major Food Group, at 181.49; Alta, featuring mediterranean inspired food, at 180.42; and finally, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, a chef who currently holds 31 Michelin stars, at 180.22.

For more food destinations, check out the full list below!



  1. Ferris | 188.03
  2. The Aviary | 186.99
  3. Le Coucou | 186.31
  4. Empellón | 186.27
  5. Marc Forgione | 186.18
  6. Jeju Noodle Bar | 184.17
  7. Nur | 183.68
  8. Public Kitchen | 183.64
  9. The Breslin | 183.22
  10. Tutto Il Giorno | 183.08
  11. Marta | 183.02
  12. Italienne | 182.33
  13. Fairfax | 182.02
  14. Emily | 181.53
  15. THE POOL | 181.49
  16. Temple Court | 181.45
  17. Momofuku Noodle Bar | 180.57
  18. Alta | 180.42
  19. Peasant | Video | 180.39
  20. Pig Bleeker | 180.37
  21. L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon | 180.22
  22. Massoni | 179.87
  23. Momofuku Nishi | 179.62
  24. Harold's Meat + Three | 179.37
  25. Eataly | 178.87

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New York City Top 25 Restaurants: February 2017

The New York City Top 25 is back — with a whole lotta' new faces. This city's Top 25 ranking, notorious for being challenging to break into, especially because established, long-time neighborhood favorites tend to dominate the scoreboard, has a bunch of new kids on the block. And no, not one...not two...not three, but eight new restaurants took a bite out of the Big Apple and have made it onto the New York City Top 25!

In more shocking news, No. 1 and No. 2 are Foodable Top 25 first-timers, too. Put your hands together for Italienne's stunning debut in first place with a score of 180.33! Northern Italian and southern French tasting menus? No wonder this concept tantalized diners enough to get the gold. In second as another impressive debut is Fowler & Wells. This American cuisine restaurant situated in the famous Beekman Hotel and founded by celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio was only a sliver behind — not even a half of a point away — and scored 180.29. In third place was Marta, a veteran to the Top 25 and a multiple first-place winner, with a score of 180.26. Talk about a close race!

Other newcomers to the Top 25 are: Pig Bleecker, an upscale twist on barbecue smoked meats and Italian accents, at No. 4; Massoni, a restaurant by former "Top Chef" star Dale Talde that serves Italian-American pizzas and entrées, at No. 6; Harold's Meat + Three, which offers up casual Southern fare, at No. 8; Augustine, a brasserie with high-end French dishes and cocktails, at No. 17; Union Square Cafe, the first restaurant by the esteemed Danny Meyer, at No. 19; and Upland, a casual, chic brasserie with Californian and Italian elements, at No. 24.

Want to explore more foodie adventures? Check out the full list below.

Halfway through the week 🙌 time to (chicken meat)ball out 📸cred @melisbuzzfed

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New York City Top 25 Restaurants

  1. Italienne | 180.33 
  2. Fowler & Wells | 180.29 
  3. Marta | 180.26
  4. Pig Bleecker | 180.17 
  5. Marc Forgione | 179.88 
  6. Massoni | 179.53 
  7. Momofuku Nishi | 179.5 
  8. Harold's Meat + Three | 179.24 
  9. Toro | 179.12 
  10. Eataly | 178.74 
  11. Wildair | 178.56 
  12. Baita by Birreria | 178.36 
  13. Catch | 177.98 
  14. Peasant | 177.89 
  15. Tilda All Day | 177.68 
  16. ABC Kitchen | 177.6 
  17. Augustine | 177.44 
  18. Tutto Il Giorno | 177.41 
  19. Union Square Cafe | 177.19 
  20. The Spotted Pig | 176.8 
  21. Dirt Candy | VIDEO | 176.55
  22. Momofuku Noodle Bar | 176.54 
  23. Decoy | 176.36 
  24. Upland | 176.02 
  25. Locanda Verde | 175.81

Honorable Mentions: Editor-in-Chief Picks

These honorable mentions are Editor-in-Chief picks. They may not have ranked high enough to be in the Top 25, but they are notable in that they have special characteristics that make them a must-visit restaurant. Whether they are recognized in the community or have a unique personality that stands out in the industry, scored high in food sentiment, or have an outstanding design or presentation of their restaurant or brand, here are this round's Editor's favorites.

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New York City Top 25 Restaurants: July 2016

Ready for another big bite, Big Apple? Here are the Top 25 restaurants for July 2016! First off, congratulations to Marta. This open kitchen, modern Italian brand first debuted in the last New York City Top 25 at No. 2 — and on its second appearance, it already made its way to No. 1. Talk about an impressive takeover! Following at second place is rustic-chic, farm-to-table restaurant Marc Forgione, which jumped up from its spot at No.4.

There were some brands who took the fall this round, such as Tutto il Giorno. This contemporary restaurant was No. 3 in the last Top 25 — and No. 1 before that — and has now dropped to No. 16. Will it make a comeback? And speaking of comeback, a familiar face, The Breslin, has ranked on the Top 25 again after last appearing in January 2014. Congratulations!

And without further ado, clap your hands for three restaurants new to the Foodable Top 25: Wildair at No. 9, Upland at No. 21, and Casa Enrique at No. 24.

Book your dinner dates! Check out the full list below.

It's not cloudy but there's definitely a chance of chicken meatballs 📷 cred: @alice_gao

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Yellowfin Tuna, Savoy Cabbage, Salsify, Hon-shimeji Mushrooms, Cabernet #dinnermenu #tuna #nyceats

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RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 Marta 181.97  
2 Marc Forgione 180.34  
3 Momofuku Nishi 180.29  
4 Toro 179.86  
5 Eataly 179.31  
6 Baita by Birreria 179.25  
7 Catch 179.02  
8 ABC Kitchen 178.73  
9 Wildair 178.64  
10 Charlie Bird 178.55  
11 Tilda All Day 178.41  
12 Gramercy Tavern 178.34  
13 The Spotted Pig 178.17  
14 Decoy 177.92  
15 Navy 177.67  
16 Tutto il Giorno 177.55  
17 The Modern 177.55  
18 La Sirena 177.42  
19 The Breslin 177.35  
20 Momofuku Noodle Bar 177.3  
21 Upland 177.27  
22 Amali  177.05  
23 Dirt Candy 176.92 Play Video
24 Casa Enrique 176.9  
25 Cosme 176.69 Play Video

New York City Top 25 Restaurants: February 2016

For the first time in months, new restaurants are jumping on New York City’s Top 25 Restaurants list. And not just one or two, but nine. Nine! And one of them is stealing the No. 1 spot from Tutto Il Giorno, which falls to No. 3. Momofuku Nishi, Dave Chang’s newest restaurant under the Momofuku empire, is holding it down with a solid Social Score of 181.49. The No. 2 spot, not exactly new to the city but new to the Top 25 ranking, is Danny Meyer’s Marta, a pizza restaurant helmed by Chef Nick Anderer.

This month in New York, we also welcome Eataly pop-up, Baita; Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette’s Toro; Tilda All Day; Santina; Pig & Khao; Amali; and Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s first new place in nearly a decade, La Sirena.

Check out the full ranking below!

Momofuku Nishi's take on cacio e pepe with fermented chickpeas in place of cacio cheese  | Instagram @supervy

Momofuku Nishi's take on cacio e pepe with fermented chickpeas in place of cacio cheese | Instagram @supervy

Pasta from Tutto Il Giorno  | Instagram @samsandersss

Pasta from Tutto Il Giorno | Instagram @samsandersss

Pizza at Marta  | Instagram @martamanhattan  

Pizza at Marta | Instagram @martamanhattan

Hearts of palm, dry aged lardo, and preserved Meyer lemon at Restaurant Marc Forgione  | Instagram

Hearts of palm, dry aged lardo, and preserved Meyer lemon at Restaurant Marc Forgione | Instagram

RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 Momofuku Nishi 181.49  
2 Marta 181.44  
3 Tutto Il Giorno 181.42  
4 Restaurant Marc Forgione 181.09  
5 Baita 180.09  
6 Peasant 179.61 Play Video
7 ABC Kitchen 179.21  
8 Catch 179.00  
9 Toro 178.94  
10 Eataly 178.50  
11 Charlie Bird 178.39  
12 Tilda All Day 178.09  
13 Eleven Madison Park 177.78  
14 The Spotted Pig 177.51  
15 Cosme 177.17 Play Video
16 Decoy 177.11  
17 Santina 176.89  
18 Navy 176.56  
19 The Modern 176.51  
20 La Sirena 176.22  
21 Momofuku Noodle Bar 175.95  
22 Betony 175.88  
23 Amali  175.42  
24 Dirt Candy 175.34 Play Video
25 Pig & Khao 175.22 Play Video