Marlin Network launches Foodservice Professional Panel

Marlin Network launches Foodservice Professional Panel

This foodservice marketing agency is putting together a restaurant operator panel and is looking for professionals just like you to become influencers in the industry!

Marlin Network is an agency that has been in business for over 30 years and is on a mission to engage consumers in better experiences away from home.

Currently, the agency is looking for input from operators, owners, chefs, and managers across all segments of commercial restaurants. Marlin Network wants the opinion of those people in the industry who are considered key decision makers, or the people purchasing product for their place of business.

This is an interesting opportunity for industry professionals who qualify, where they will be rewarded for voicing their thoughts on products anonymously. The company will never sell the participant’s information or market to them. Marlin Network’s goal is to better the foodservice industry and incorporate the opinions of real food industry professionals into their projects.

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Voodoo Doughnut's New CEO To Develop Brand Culture For Emerging Brand

Voodoo Doughnut's New CEO To Develop Brand Culture For Emerging Brand

Whichever way you spell it, you can’t deny specialty doughnuts (or donuts), have increased in popularity in recent years. So much so, that in August of last year Foodable went as far as determining which are the top three shops in the United States.

Well, this week, a former pizza brand executive, Chris Schultz was appointed as the new chief executive officer for a cult-favorite, doughnut brand— VooDoo Doughnut.

Last year, Paul Barron, Foodable’s CEO and Editor-In-Chief, sat down with Schultz, the former Senior Vice President to MOD Pizza to discuss what are the secrets for an emerging brand to be successful.

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The Birth of Beervana and Craft Beer


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The beer industry has changed tremendously over the past 20 years.  Today you can find a local Craft Beer in almost every city across the country, creating a new generation of beer lovers.  


The United States has gone from the home of the light lager to one of the most recognized beer manufacturers in the world.  If you have been following the progression of craft beer in the U.S.A, there’s one place you must explore: Portland, OR. Also known as Beervana. Arguably, the birthplace of the craft beer movement. 

In this pilot episode of Foodable Network’s new show, “Beer Artisan,” host Kerry Finsand, founder of Taplister, takes us on a journey filled with hops, perfect pours, and interviews with some of Portland’s best brewers, including Cascade Brewing and Widmer Brothers Brewing Company.

“Beer Artisan” is a show that covers all things 'craft beer' for the industry— from production quality and scalability to the best equipment and interesting ingredients. The show explores the movement that has transformed America from a country dominated by big-label beers, into one with more than 3,400 craft breweries. "Beer Artisan" serves to tell the story of this phenomenal culture shift, as well as introduce the passionate personalities that made it happen— and what they went through to get here.

Watch the full episode to get a behind-the-scenes look into what makes Portland the ultimate Beervana!

South American Cuisine Takes Off in Portland

Throughout Portland, a new crop of South American restaurants have been opening all over the city. From Peruvian and Chilean to Argentinian and Brazilian, the number of newcomers to the Portland scene is staggering.

Perhaps the best known is Paiche, the Peruvian restaurant that opened in Southwest Portland by Chef Jose Luis de Cossio. Paiche is open for lunch service only but has already become quite the hit amongst locals for its numerous seafood, vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Joining Paiche in the South American culinary scene are the vegetarian Epif and the woodfired cooking at Lechon, both equally intriguing concepts in their own rights. Learn more about Portland’s South American culinary renaissance here

Chew Dining Club Offers Diners Rewards for Eating out in Portland

Newly released smartphone app Chew Dining Club is looking to help restaurants lure in hungry Portland diners by offering rewards for their dining habits. Structured much in the same way as a restaurant rewards program, Chew Dining Club currently provides rewards to diners who visit one of the 12 local restaurants the app currently works with. The company has also announced their plan for eventually expanding to work with between 30-40 different local eateries.

Simply for signing up, Portland diners receive a welcome gift of free food and drinks, available at any of the participating restaurants currently working within the program. In addition to offering dining rewards, Chew Dining Club is also able to track consumer ordering habits, thereby customizing each reward to the individual. Read More