Lexington Wolff Rykaczewski

Expert Columnist

Lexington Wolff Rykaczewski is a restaurant employment lawyer who keeps restaurant owners in the know and out of court. A former litigator, Lexi knows what a colossal waste of time and money litigation is. So, she has dedicated her practice exclusively to helping owners prevent employee lawsuits in the first place.   

Lexi is based in Pittsburgh, where the restaurant industry is rapidly replacing the steel one. She is also allowed to give people advice in Texas, Colorado and West by God Virginia. 

Never to be constrained by state (or party) lines, Lexi also creates online tools and resources to help restaurant owners become expert-enough at legally managing their staff. They don’t come with the fancy attorney-client privilege, but they get the job done. 

For the law practice, visit: www.lexingtonwolfflaw.com

For online tools and resources, visit: www.lexingtonwolff.com