Oscar Castaneda

Host / Master Mixologist

Oscar Castaneda is a diversified systematic analyst for the food and hospitality industry. With 15 years of combined experience in different concepts, Oscar has been able to develop and understand the process behind them.

One of his main areas of focus is FOH development and operations with an emphasis on bar and drink programs; from the creative aspect to the analysis, logistics, development, training and deployment of them.

“Each process must have a goal, and it’s the operators job to define that goal in order to create programs that can generate measurable results towards it. Whether it is to increase revenue, find your audience, or create the trend that will drive your business.”

Oscar’s journey started from a young age in Colombia being surrounded by the family business. His vision is defined by the experiences created from food and the environment surrounding them. His theory has a simple foundation, in today’s fast and constantly evolving  market you can’t be afraid of thinking outside the box and constantly be  pushing the boundaries.

“It is a great thing to develop a successful program, it is even better to understand the process to maintain that success.”

In his free time, Oscar loves to connect with his surroundings, feed into his local market, grow his own vegetables, and sit back with a glass of wine.