Paul Barron

Editor-in-Chief/Executive Producer

Paul Barron is the mastermind behind Foodable Network, a food media company of the next era for professionals and food enthusiasts alike.  As an award-winning author, filmmaker and executive producer with over 20 years in food digital media, he is bridging the gap between the next generation food consumer and the future of foodservice professionals.

His accolades include: 2018 #1 Most Influential in Food, 2018 Studio 50 Creative & Technologist Award Winner, 2017 Top 35 Restaurant Leaders to follow, 2016 Author of the year, 2015 James Beard Nominee, 2015 "Forbes" Top 50 Most Influential, 2012 Trendsetter of the Year,  2012 author of "The Chipotle Effect", founder of "", and the executive producer of the documentary "Fast Casual Nation - Changing The Way America Eats."

The unique media empire that he is building is a hybrid media approach that currently has 15 TV shows, multiple documentaries, and various mini-series– all designed for web and On-Demand content delivery.  This pioneering approach is built around delivering a digital-first brand at Foodable Network. As a veteran of Over the Top (OTT) programming, his network is focused on leveraging the power of video and social to merge with the modern audience. His influence and audience reach is estimated at more than 8 million professionals’ and 25 million global food & travel enthusiasts