Rudy Miick, CMC, MA

Expert Columnist

Rudy’s a guide, coach, restaurateur, writer, provocateur, athlete, and dad.  He’s known for building restaurant brands from the inside-out, working with execs and teams to define excellence in every aspect of business culture and team performance.  Rudy taught at UCLA Extension for 13 years, where he led the hospitality management school. For more info, check out

  • Rudy was part of the team that created the formula and concept of daily costing methodology for restaurants while on UCLA Extension faculty in 1986.
  • He’s a certified management consultant and member of the Institute for Management Consultants. (Less than 1% of the consultants in the world that hold that certification.)
  • In more than 452 restaurant start-ups and 1653 clients, Rudy’s never had a losing project. His success has been consistent in a myriad of industries: restaurants, hospitality, resorts, manufacturing, retail, film, and more.