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Food That is Changing the Industry

On this episode of The Barron Report, Sara Brito of the Good Food 100 chats with Foodable host Paul about the Good Food Movement and how it's making an impact on the industry. As a 20-year food and media industry veteran, Brito has a unique perspective on the evolution of "good food." She points out how the industry is evolving for the better and that changing consumer demands mean good things for the industry. 


Special Interests Matter: The Real Deal on Specialty Diets


Any good restaurant menu re-build or engineering analyzes product mix, high performers, good margin items, and dishes that need to go away, among other edits. Simply hushing customers with special dietary demands is bad for business. Turn away from the dark side of dismissing exacting customers as finicky by embracing a proactive take on smart menuing.

Specialty Food Masters: What They Offer Over Non-Artisanal Purveyors

As the consumer continues to develop higher expectations about what they consume, premium food product sales are at an all-time high. We partnered with the Specialty Food Association to cover one of the best food shows of the year, the Summer Fancy Food Show, where we got to chat with the most innovative food companies elevating the food industry.

Fire Dept. Coffee: Coffee with a Cause

Gourmet coffee brands are on the rise (and shine.) Fire Dept. Coffee is a newly launched brand with more than just a mission to bring easy-to-drink, yet strong coffee to working class Americans. The company donates a portion of its sales to military and firefighter charities, while also always giving military and first responders 15% off.

Shen Tong Predicts That Food Will be More Readily Available in 2050

At the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC, Foodable's Paul sat down with two leaders Shen Tong, founder and managing partner at the Future Food Co. and Alvyn Severien, CEO of Algama Foods that are right in the thick of this movement to discuss what factors are propelling the sector, where they see the industry going, and how they are making an impact. 

DRINKmaple Taps Into Rising Maple Water Trend

In spring time in Vermont, the sap begins to run as the days grow warmer– that's when the brand collects the sap straight from the trees, without harming the trees in the process, as DRINKmaple puts a heavy focus on sustainable tapping. With half the sugar of coconut water & more manganese than a cup of kale, it's no surprise this sap is sticking in the beverage industry.

Expert Column

How West Coast Beers Deliver in Spring  and Summer

By Brian Murphy, Foodable Industry Expert

The growth of craft beer is old news, yet it continues to unfold and grow. Acquisitions from “big beer” are a testament to the fact that beer drinkers are demanding a different brew. They are demanding a local brew, and while parts of the West Coast don’t see much in the way of seasons, guests are either open to the education or are already looking for something different mid-spring and into summer.

Hazy West Coast IPA

Think “location," not “style.” Chances are, you already have at least one super-hoppy IPA on the tap line, and guests embrace it, but they are looking for something new. The West Coast is bulging with various styles of IPAs, and is now adopting some practices from New England styles, offering hazy IPAs. Breweries like Great Notion Brewing in Portland, Ore., are offering IPAs that offer a fruit-forward beer that is approachable for someone new to IPAs but with enough bitterness on the finish to let your guests know they are drinking an IPA.


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