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Bite Squad Rolls Out its Unlimited Free Delivery Service to More Customers

The food delivery company Bite Squad is expanding its enrollment in its unlimited delivery service. For a monthly fee, select customers in more than 30 metropolitan areas where Bite Squad delivers will be able to get unlimited delivery a month. The fee is up to $9.99 per month, depending on the city and location.

Watch Foodable Shows on Most Downloaded App at Launch on AppleTV

This week, news about the Amazon Prime Video app becoming the most-downloaded app in the first week of its launch on Apple TV were announced. Amazon Prime Video offers video streaming at no additional cost to Amazon Prime members, as another way to incentivize customers to join the membership service.

Uber Eats Technology Is Developing Delivery-Only Virtual Restaurants

On this episode of On Foodable Weekly: Industry Pulse, we're looking at Uber Eats' newest experiment, virtual restaurants. That's right, the tech giant is taking another leap into the restaurant industry. This time, they're using their stores of data from Uber Eats to analyze gaps in food offerings in American cities.

Will Walmart and Jet's Partnership With Buzzfeed's Tasty Pay Off?

Walmart, which recently acquired, is partnering up with Buzzfeed's Tasty app to promote food products and tools. In Tasty's wildly popular step-by-step recipe videos, products will be tagged and linked to Walmart or's website. The Tasty app has over 2,000 viral video recipes.

How are These Restaurants Using Digital to Increase Revenue

The last thing a brand wants to do is become stale. Most of these struggling brands have finally jumped on the online ordering bandwagon, but this was done more so as a reactionary response. Consumers have started to expect that restaurants have online ordering and/or offer delivery. 

Albertsons Partners with Instacart to Offer Delivery at over 1,800 Stores

The grocer has made a deal with Instacart to offer delivery to over 1,800 Albertsons stores by mid-2018. It's been a busy and successful few months for Instacart. Following Amazon's deal to acquire Whole Foods, five big grocery chains made their own deals to partner up with the grocery delivery startup.

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Nearly every household orders food to-go from a local restaurant at least once or twice per month (some per week) and the days of traditional ‘phone orders’ or simply waiting in line, are clearly coming to an end thanks to new and continuously improving technology.

Many independent restaurants have been sitting back, watching the development of online/mobile ordering, also known as digital ordering, wondering if they need to get into this space and/or how to even get started.

The question shouldn’t be ‘should we introduce digital ordering?’— the question should be ‘when will we introduce digital ordering?’ The answer to that question should be: As soon as possible, BUT only when your operations are ready for it and you won’t be undermining any restaurant fundamentals throughout the process.

If you haven’t implemented digital ordering, don’t feel bad! It’s obvious you didn’t open a restaurant because you love technology. You opened one because you love food, drink, and serving a community through the development of customer experiences. There are numerous benefits, however, to offering digital ordering methods to your guests. 


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