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Google Aims To Help Restaurant Patrons Skip Long Lines

The latest feature Google has rolled out has to do with wait time estimations at top restaurants. The tool is now available on Google Search and later it will be available on Maps. Users are used to scrolling through different hours to compare busy times, but now they can too compare typical wait times to be seated for specific hours.

There is Expected Growth for Virtual Restaurants

As reported by “The Wall Street Journal,” “virtual restaurants tap into a larger trend: Americans’ increasing aversion to cooking for themselves.” It points to U.S. Census data that indicates that Americans spent more at restaurants than on groceries in 2016. Can this new emerging market grow and remain sustainable?

Wendy's Roll-Outs Delivery to 2,500 of its Stores

Wendy's started testing delivery by partnering with DoorDash earlier this year in central Ohio and Dallas. Now, the chain is going to expand delivery to 2,500 of its stores in 48 markets. This is only 1/3 of all of Wendy’s stores, but when DoorDash expands its service areas, the QSR chain could offer delivery at even more stores.

DoorDash Offers Chefs “Virtual” Restaurant Space in Silicon Valley

DoorDash has a 2,000 square foot-food commissary in Silicon Valley equipped with four kitchens that are being offered up as virtual restaurant space.The company’s kitchens are perfect for restaurateurs looking to experiment with concepts that don’t have a traditional restaurant storefront and dining room. 

Stop Competing and Start Standing Out in Your Market

Do you have competition? Most would say yes.Many would argue that competition is healthy and good for business. Your goal should never be to compete with others. It’s a losing mindset that just becomes a game of one-upmanship. Restaurants that compete become drawn into pricing wars and that makes you a commodity. 

How Data Science Can Grow Your Customer List

With all the data you are (or should be) collecting from your customers, you have all the information you need to be making informed decisions about your marketing plan. Don’t know how? On this episode of Front of House, host Carrie White and Datavail’s Evan Eakin tell you exactly how to use data to your advantage.

Related News

Nearly every household orders food to-go from a local restaurant at least once or twice per month (some per week) and the days of traditional ‘phone orders’ or simply waiting in line, are clearly coming to an end thanks to new and continuously improving technology.

Many independent restaurants have been sitting back, watching the development of online/mobile ordering, also known as digital ordering, wondering if they need to get into this space and/or how to even get started.

The question shouldn’t be ‘should we introduce digital ordering?’— the question should be ‘when will we introduce digital ordering?’ The answer to that question should be: As soon as possible, BUT only when your operations are ready for it and you won’t be undermining any restaurant fundamentals throughout the process.

If you haven’t implemented digital ordering, don’t feel bad! It’s obvious you didn’t open a restaurant because you love technology. You opened one because you love food, drink, and serving a community through the development of customer experiences. There are numerous benefits, however, to offering digital ordering methods to your guests. 


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