Yareli Quintana

Podcast Producer / Host

Yareli is an accomplished brand consultant and host with a passion for good food and entertaining. Yareli's love of cooking began when she learned to cook alongside her father and grandmother as they hosted her very large, and very frequent, Mexican family gatherings. When Yareli is not sharing her adventurous foodie experiences with her clients in the Bay Area, you'll most likely find her sharing her lifestyle and wellness tips with her growing online community. To learn more about Yareli please visit her website at YareliQuintana.com.

  • A true adventure seeker and lover of photography, Yareli's favorite snapshot is of her zip lining over a 400 foot waterfall. Luckily she didn't drop her camera!

  • Yareli believes in a healthy, balanced lifestyle regularly meditating and practicing Bikram Yoga.

  • In addition, she is a Holistic Wellness Mentor and dedicated Integrative Health Coach.